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This section acts as a resource channel for tobacco control and health related articles, monitoring reports, various information contributed by other sources and other website links.

CTC-Pak Publications

CTC-Pak Brief on National Partners Coordination Meeting
(April '09)

A brief based on the first national meeting on partners coordination organised by CTC-Pak with its coalition partners as they are working in isolation; the need is for them to have close contacts with each other enhancing their coordination in form of a proper networking to formulate a more target oriented strategy towards effective tobacco control in Pakistan.
- Report (932 kb)
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CTC-Pak Report on Journalists' Orientation Meeting
(January '09)

Report based on orientation meeting organised by CTC-Pak with media persons on the issue of tobacco control in Pakistan. The key issues focused were lack of enough space for tobacco control issues in the media and responsibility of media to raise awareness as a part of holistic approach to its readers.
- Report (281 kb)
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CTC-Pak's 'Media Watch on Tobacco Control in Pakistan'
(January '09)

This document is compilation of press items that have appeared in the year 2008.
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CTC-Pak Report on Community Coordination Meetings
(October '08)

Report based on coordination meetings carried out by the coalition in the member working areas for strengthening the development and implementation of policies based on the provisions of Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (FCTC) through advocacy and community mobilization under the subject of “Mobilizing Civil Society and Community for Proposed Amendments through district level meetings”.
- Report (389 kb)
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CTC-Pak Monitoring Reports

Report based on surveys carried out to monitor the implementation of the Ordinance on Tobacco Control LXXIV (2002) in Pakistan by observing different public places including restaurants, offices, banks, public transport vehicles, commercial areas, cigarette selling outlets and educational institutions.
- 1st report Monitoring of the Ordinance on Tobacco Control LXXIV (2002)
- 2nd report Monitoring of the Ordinance on Tobacco Control LXXIV (2002)
- 3rd report Monitoring of the Ordinance on Tobacco Control LXXIV (2002)
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CTC-Pak information material

Stickers and booklet in public interest on “Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-Smokers Health Ordinance, 2002 and Printing of Warning Amendment with notifications” in English and Urdu languages.
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GSP Launches "Working for a Smokefree World" Report
On 1 May 2008, the Global Smokefree Partnership launched its Working for a Smokefree Future Report, to mark this year's International Workers' Day. The theme for the report is Smokefree workplaces. This is the first report to detail the benefits of Smokefree workplaces on workers and employers. The report finds that the only effective protection for workers is 100% Smokefree workplaces. Smokefree workplace policies are popular: they save businesses money, improve worker health, and are easily enforced.
- Complete report (PDF format)

Big Tobacco's Guinea Pigs
A report revealing an insidious new generation of tobacco products is threatening efforts to reduce tobacco use in the United States; how tobacco companies take advantage of the lack of government regulation to design and market products that recruit new youth users, create and sustain addiction to nicotine, and discourage users from quitting.
- Complete report (PDF format)              - Press release
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Ratification Overview of the WHO FCTC
Updated country status of the WHO FCTC ratification and accession.
- Ratification Overview
(PDF Format)
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WHO Policy Brief on Gender & Tobacco Control, 2008
There have been few consistent analyses of the gender-specific and diversity-specific effects of tobacco policies, but emerging data indicate that such generic tobacco control measures may not be equally or similarly effective in respect to the two sexes and the various subgroups in a country’s population. This policy brief is developed by WHO with the support of Research for International Tobacco Control (RITC) elaborating on the deliberations of the WHO/RITC meeting on the development of policy recommendations for gender-responsive tobacco control.
- Complete report
(PDF format)
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WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2008
This landmark new report presents the first comprehensive worldwide analysis of tobacco use and control efforts. It provides countries with a roadmap to reverse the devastating global tobacco epidemic that could kill up to one billion people by the end of this century.
- Complete report
(PDF format)
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Workplace health promotion: how to help employees to stop smoking
This UK based guidance is for NHS and non-NHS professionals and employers who have a role in - or responsibility for - supporting and encouraging employees who smoke to quit. This includes those working in local authorities and the community, voluntary and private sectors
- Complete report
(PDF format)
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Updated status of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
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