National Tobacco News Highlights

Press Release 20-Oct-2021
Islamabad (PR) Tobacco use is one of the major causes of death in the world. In Pakistan, tobacco kills more than 160,100 persons yearly. FCTC emphasizes on member countries to take a step forward and adopt long-term sustainable policies for Tobacco control. WHO and international donors are providing support to take preventive measures. Under the guidelines of WHO, FCTC member countries are responsible for policy-making for tobacco control. Pakistan also adopts tobacco control measures by implementing laws and enforcement. Tobacco Control Cell and Ministry of NHSRC, Pakistan, is doing well for tobacco control with the help of WHO and other international donors like The Union, etc. In this regard international donor’s role is appreciable. But, for a sustainable National Tobacco Control Policy or Strategy on the federal and provincial levels, it is necessary for the Government of Pakistan to take ownership and provide funds for tobacco control to MNHSRC and TCC like other health issues. The Focal Person and the TCC have shown great interest in Tobacco Control and following up with NTCP besides countering tobacco Industries’ interference in policy matters. Legislation and regulatory measures are essential to be imposed efficiently to control the epidemic of tobacco use. For that purpose, immediate approval and adoption of a sustainable independent National Tobacco control policy (NTCP) is the need of the hour. Being a member of SAMAR’s Collation for Tobacco Control Pakistan (CTC-Pak), we are ready to play our active role to support the Ministry of National Health Services Regulation and Coordination and Tobacco Control Cell to move forward to control tobacco use for saving the life and health of people and reduce the burden of the health budget.

National Tobacco News Highlights of 1st week of August-2021
Tobacco control policy need of the hour: CTC-Pak. Pakistanis smoke a lot due to low price of cigarette. Government will raise taxes to tackle smoking and will make laws to decrease health expenditures. Tobacco farmers protested as they are having issues for selling tobacco, speaker national assembly took notice & directed state minister. Tobacco companies have to get certificate for their brands: FBR. Gutka smugglers arrested from Lahore.